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We offer a wide range of services and solutions and engage as your technology partner for the entire product life cycle. Whether it is from conceptualisation, market launch or continuous product optimization, we will always ensure that together we make your solution a success.


With the universal approach to healthcare professionals and patients across different organizations,We offer convenient custom-made software aligned with your goals and destined to help end users perform their tasks.


We offer a full range of products for Biometric identification and verification.Our technology is designed to securely capture and verify identity information, using multiple biometric modalities and biographic data.


Backed by deep expertise in implementing platform-based solutions, NgenX can meet the ever-changing needs of any payment environment at any scale. we can create a solution from scratch thereby satisfying your needs much more precisely than any off-the-shelf product.


We develop unique retail solutions which are initially tailored to your individual needs. We deal with all types of retail software, including:ERP systems,POS(item list, sales processing and integration with POS devices),Back office software (item editor, inventory management)


Our Electronic  document management system is a collection of technologies that work together to provide a comprehensive solutions for managing the creation, capture, indexing, version control,storage, retrieval, workflow,and disposition of records of an organization

Mobile applications

Native (for iOS, Android, Windows) or cross-platform (on Cordova, Xamarin, React Native) custom mobile applications to compliment your web application or created as a separate solution with their own back end (.NET, Java, PHP, Node.js). They can be as advanced as complex enterprise management solutions and applications with built-in AI.

Web Applications

Custom applications that perfectly work across all popular browsers and deliver immaculate UX with a clear logical layout and mobile adaptation.

1-Enterprise systems

2-Web portals (B2B or B2C)

3-Industry specific solutions.

Desktop applications

OS-specific (Windows, Mac, Linux) or cross-platform custom applications for offline work with total control over data security, increased efficiency and performance..